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Since 2009, the United Dairymen of Arizona has been producing top quality Arizona Farms Cheese from its fresh supply of milk. After entrusting Wisconsin-trained cheesemakers to perfect this time-honored craft in Tempe, the Arizona Cheese Company now proudly produces fresh, squeaky Cheese Curds, delicious Cheddars, Jacks, and other cheeses every week for a growing clientele of Arizona cheese lovers. The team at Arizona Farm Cheese Co. utilizes the highest possible standards of quality and safety while still creating cheese in small batches from fresh milk.



100% GRASS FED and 100% GRASS FINISHED. Their cattle spend their lives foraging for naturally occurring grasses on free range ranch land, while soaking up the Arizona sunshine and living their best life, the way nature intended. USDA inspected plant gives them the unique ability to humanely harvest on animal at a time. Also, in-house dry aging and hand-cut steaks are produced. They make ground beef and various sausages (with only organic spices but NO sugar or stuff you cannot pronounce). They individually cry-o-vac each cut, package and ship!




Founded by brothers Joseph and David, Arizona Microgreens produces organically-grown microgreens for restaurants, individuals, retail, and schools throughout Arizona. Grown with natural light and organic soil in a food safe certified greenhouse located in Central Phoenix. Microgreens are vegetables and herbs grown for just a few weeks. They take the time and adjust the harvesting times according to each variety in order to obtain peak flavor and maximum nutrient-density.

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Image by Markus Winkler



Their mission is simple and straight to the point “To grow high-quality organic vegetables in a sustainable manner, with an ever increasing standard for employee well-being, social responsibility, product quality, meaningful service and environment safeguards, through a robust food safety program for benefit and that of future generations.” This family owned and operated business strives for meaningful, fair practices to provide the best for their workers and customers, whilst contributing towards the betterment of their workers by promoting an ethical and sustainable food system.




Danzeisen Dairy is a family dairy farm located right outside Phoenix. The dairy was built by Grandpa Neil Viss back in the 1960’s when milk was sold in glass bottles. Now, to mirror the good ol days, their milk is only available in glass bottles, because milk simply tastes better from a glass bottle. Being located right here in Phoenix allows them to offer the freshest milk possible. Any fresher and you’d need to milk the cow yourself! Milk options include flavors like: Whole, 2%, 1%, Skim, Strawberry, Cold Brew Coffee, Root Beer, Chocolate, Banana, Arizona Orange, & Peach. While they also offer other items like Heavy Cream, Half & half, Eggnog, Peppermint Eggnog, Pumpkin Spice Eggnog, Orange Juice, Strawberry Lemonade, Lemonade & Cold Brew Coffee.




Founded in 1944 by Nell Hickman, what began as a few hens for fresh eggs for the family has grown into a local egg icon, with a processing capacity for shell eggs of more than ¾ million eggs per hour. Still family owned and operated, Hickman’s Family Farms is the go-to local favorite for the best farm fresh eggs available, as well as being the largest egg company in the Southwest and in the top 20 nationwide. It is currently still family owned and operated. Stern Produce has been doing business with Hickman’s for decades and truly cherishes its partnership with the Hickman family.



Mama Lola's Tortillas is another local favorite in the valley. Family owned and operated, the Casillas family takes tremendous pride in their Mexican products they produce daily. Mama Lola’s was started by Ralph and Diana Casillas in 1986. Ralph was later joined by his brother Robert, who together, continued to roll out new recipes and invest in equipment to keep up with the growing demand for their signature Mama Lola's Tortillas throughout Arizona. Mama Lola's takes its name from Dolores Casillas, the mother of Ralph, Robert and Fred. Manuel remained active in the business until his death in 1991 at the age of 76. While, Ralph, Diana and Robert are no longer active in the day-to-day operations of the company, their family's legacy remains. The signature Mama Lola's Flour and Corn Tortilla's remain some of the most popular products sold and the principles of the family's leadership can be seen in product quality, recipe, ingredients, baking disciplines and delivery.



The Martori farming heritage is in its fourth generation and includes a team of 1,000 dedicated employees. It operates across four locations in Arizona and California, and its technology-advanced process, the Hot Water Produce Shower, provides the highest quality produce and achievement in food safety. Martori Farms supports local farming and is a longstanding member of Western Growers, an association representing family farmers who grow fresh produce in Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico.


Image by Micheile Henderson



Mrs. Klein's Pickle Co. is a local, Arizona-based family business providing a full line of pickles and pepper products to food service and retail accounts in Arizona and the greater Southwest. Their refrigerated and shelf stable pickles and pepper products are made with the freshest available produce picked year round from nearby growing fields. They offer food service professionals and restaurant operators the assurance of quality, consistency and a great pickle taste. They also have available professional food service sales and customer service specialists who understand the unique needs of the food service business. Learn more about our food service products here.




Pinnacle Farms is 57 acres and is located at the Base of South Mountain as well as 3 other fields in Waddell under the White tanks. Much of the work in the past few years has taken shape in the preservation of the desert Southwest's diversity.  Many varieties are uniquely perfect for the arid climate in Arizona and offer tastes and textures most have never encountered in the grocery store. Some varieties, like the White Sonoran Wheat, Chapalote corn, Maktoom Dates and Rio Bavispe pinto beans have almost faded into the past, never to be seen again, but they are now bringing back availability of these seeds and finding new uses for them. In addition to preservation, Pinnacle Farms West is also a sustainable vegetable farm located on 50 acres in the West Valley under the White Tanks Mountains. Divided into five farms, all farms are GAP certified for food safety.



The Queen Creek Olive Mill is a family owned company that grows and presses olives for the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil from our farm to your table. A true Oleotourism experience!  Their farming practices and the products they offer exemplify their dedication to the environment and the health of our customers.  After leaving Detroit with four kids and one on the way, the family decided to move to Phoenix, AZ and planted 1,000 olive trees on 100 acres in the outskirts of the town of Queen Creek (They now have over 7,000 trees, 16 varieties). Queen Creek was the perfect place, considering its rich farming history. They have grown organically and beautifully – forming strategic relationships with farmers in Yuma and California, ensuring sustainable farming practices from planting techniques to pressing methods and producing real, delicious extra virgin olive oil!



Started by the Smith family growing chiles, tepary beans, various types of squash, gourds, Pima wheat, melons and sugar cane. Passed down from generations and generations. In the late 1970’s, some community elders asked them to grow the Bafv (tepary bean), which had nearly become extinct due to the lack of water that put many of the local subsistence farmers out of business. They were able to get started with a few seeds of each color and learned how to produce the beans on a small scale. Once they perfected the production techniques, they were able to develop the bean project into a larger enterprise and now market the beans in the local community and surrounding areas, in different colors and package sizes. They also offer other wholesome American Indian grown traditional, heirloom and non-traditional food products.

Gourmet Olive Oil



Sarah Farms is family owned by the Hettinga family. Sarah Farms is named for Hein’s only daughter, GH dairy is named after Hein’s oldest son Gerben Hettinga. Their dairy heritage goes back to 1711 with ancestors in the Netherlands. They are seventh generation dairy producers.
In 1994 Hein Hettinga opened the first processing plant in Yuma, Arizona. The company is still family owned and operated. All three plants produce the Sarah Farms brand dairy products with pride. Sarah Farms has become widely known as the highest quality dairy products you can buy.




Top Knot Farms was founded by two brothers native to Tucson, AZ. They began experimenting with urban farming in their own backyards, eventually starting to grow poultry for both meat and eggs for their own tables, looking to eat the best fresh chickens and game birds. As they found success raising quality meat, the project became a business and began to supply local restaurants. They outgrew their backyards, founded a farm in Benson, AZ, and have been providing fresh, pasture raised poultry to Arizona since the Fall of 2013.




Venezia Bakery specializes in the highest quality artisan breads, bagels, pastries and specialty baked goods for commercial distribution. They are a local family owned and operated small business and service customers large and small throughout the Valley. They also operate Kokobelli Bagel Cafe, a retail location in Mesa offering breakfast and lunch seven days / week. Their client list includes many noted Valley restaurants that feature Venezia Bakery products on their menus.

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